Ad Summit 2018 Speakers

See the leaders from top ad tech companies, who gathered at Ad Summit Kyiv for learning and networking in an environment like none other.
Dominik Wöber
Dominik Wöber Head of Performance Sales, Central Europe
Lukasz Leoniewski
Lukasz Leoniewski Partner and Ecosystem Development, CEE & Russia
Ofir Brill
Ofir Brill Managing Director
Keenan Timko
Keenan Timko Sr. Account Director
Vera Ivashchenko
Vera Ivashchenko Client Solution Manager, CEE
Andreas Misera
Andreas Misera Senior Director Operations - Emerging Markets
Bill Swanson
Bill Swanson Chief Revenue Officer - EMEA
Fabio Corona
Fabio Corona Global SVP of Business Operations
Lucjan Exner
Lucjan Exner Head of Sales CEE & CIS
Jörg Vogelsang
Jörg Vogelsang Regional MD DACH & CEE
Audrius Janulis
Audrius Janulis Commercial Director, Baltics
David Jordan
David Jordan ceo
Stéphane Printz
Stéphane Printz Senior Regional Director Northern Europe
Dr.Hakan M.Sonmez
Dr.Hakan M.Sonmez Country Manager
John Murn
John Murn Marketing Manager, Intowow
Roman Kolomoitsev
Roman Kolomoitsev BizDev and SALES DIRECTOR
Eugene Mokin
Eugene Mokin CEO
Victor Filonenko
Victor Filonenko COO
Eduardo Pires
Eduardo Pires International Strategic Partnerships
Vlad Zhovtenko
Vlad Zhovtenko Product Owner
Toms Panders
Toms Panders CEO
Nikolas Rekeda
Nikolas Rekeda VP of Marketing
Nikita Aygistov
Nikita Aygistov Senior Account Manager
Tamara Lobzina
Tamara Lobzina Head of Sales
Povilas Goberis
Povilas Goberis COO
Oleksandr Kulepin
Oleksandr Kulepin Country Head of Marketing
Alina Zherebtsova
Alina Zherebtsova Business Development Manager
Elvira Deryabina
Elvira Deryabina Client Service Manager
Emin Aliev
Emin Aliev Managing Director
Rebecca Kehat
Rebecca Kehat CEO Unicorp Ltd.

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